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Weird and Wonderful Wood

Updated: May 15

So it's the end of the first day. After a long day it looks as though we are going to do similar to last year. Which is good news.

This comes after what was feeling like a disastrous start with not being able to get anything but red and very heavy reduction with the raku demonstrating. It appears the raku kiln is a lot more efficient than I thought. Plus actually getting reds, bold copper reds in raku is not very common. Some of Liz's pots especially looked great. So tomorrow my wife and children are coming to help. Kerry loves to 'play' shop so she should be happy all day. The place has such a lovely feel and the people are so nice. I am sure the boys will love It. And it really is everything to do with wood. So I hope to report back that things have continued in the same vane. It will be interesting to see what sells well. Liz has sold twice what I have, especially seascape mugs. They are lovely. And would match a lot of colour schemes.

Anyway she is doing my raku glazing tomorrow as the last two she did were brilliant! Mine were pants! Again.

So I am happy to report we had a good second day. It was slightly better for me than Saturday with lots of people asking questions and engaging. Of course the throwdown featured highly. But overall it has been a brilliant weekend. Especially as I had my wife playing shop on Sunday. It was so nice to have her and the boys there and to be able to share the experience. It is like a mini festival, and as we are sited near the main stage we get to hear some great music. It was particularly good this year, with the levellers finishing it off! No swearing drunks with a mic, so much better. Karlx

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