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By way of introduction, starting a new blog and sharing my experience.

Updated: May 6

Karl Greene throwing a pot

So this is the start of a new thing for me, I've never done a blog before, especially one in which I will be sharing my experience. I have always avoided doing something like this but I think, feel and know this is the right thing to do. I hope that through seeing the highs and lows, not only will it give people insight into my work but also give a better understanding of all that goes into trying to make a living out of clay.

So my name is Karl. I got hooked on pottery proper when I did A levels at Boston college in Lincolnshire. There was a studio that no one but myself and the hairdressers used, so I used to spend all my free time in there. I was doing Biology and Chemistry as well! Since then I haven't looked back. I did ceramics as part of my teacher training degree at Cheltenham,. Then after I started teaching I bought a wheel and an old electric kiln which I converted to gas and started potting at home. Since then I have gradually built things up to where they are today. I have always shared my knowledge and experience with any one willing to listen or come to lessons with me. My problem is I am not a ruthless business man and am too generous with my time and gifts. But I love people and love sharing what I

know or have found out. So hopefully this blog will be a way of sharing what is going on in my head, and in my heart.

I am still learning as I go along so bear with me if I make mistakes and don't get things quite right. Many thanks Karlx

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