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Salt glaze and wood

Updated: May 6

So a friend and I have been building a salt glaze kiln over the last two years. It has been a labour of love for Liz, as like me she did salt glaze at Uni and hasn't been able to do it since. So she kindly asked if I wouldn't mind helping to build a kiln with her. It has taken a while but we are finally now getting round to firing it. It is based on a wood fired kiln by Joe Finch. We have been cheating a bit and firing with gas as well. But the aim is to be entirely wood or maybe oil, as in vegetable oil. We want it to be sustainable. Anyway it is a steep learning curve and the journey to get to this point has been amazing. I include a few photos to give you an idea of how it looks and how long it has taken. I think the joy of firing with wood can never be underestimated. I think that is why I enjoy raku firing so much. I always loved playing with fire, even as a small boy. I even made an underground den once that had a fireplace in it as well. Didn't work, not enough draw as I now know, choked myself out of there after lighting a fire in it! Anyway I will add more details of firings etc going forward. Karlx

The photos below are a gallery. Click on the (not very visible!) arrows to scroll through. x

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