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Take away lesson in a box

All boxes will have written instructions as well as a video, of my good self on Youtube, to guide you through the making process. The kit will also include any tools you may need and a suggestion list of other things you can use from around your home and a selection of four glaze samples to choose from. Once made, and dried, return the box with the tools and your finished work to be bisque fired and then glazed (this may take a couple of weeks but I should be able to give you an eta on completion by date on return of the box). Choose from:

Pinch pots basics- how to make  a good pinch pot, decorate it with texture

Pinch pot advanced- make a grass vase from three pinch pots.

Texture tiles- how to roll out flat clay to make your own coasters or clock faces, experimenting with texture and pattern.

Leaf imprint bowls- rolled clay exercise in making simple bowls made from leaves found in your garden or on a walk. Glazes offered will be appropriate for showing details of leaves.

Plaster mould bowls- using rolled out clay again but inside or on the outside of a plaster mould.


There is going to be the opportunity for those who feel confident enough, to be able to rent out the studio space by the hour, with me there virtually. I have invested in a little camera that can be moved around so can observe people working and offer advice and insights into what you are doing. I am also able to direct you to where things are should you need to find them.

This option will require some simple rules to follow cleaning up and wiping down. Tea and coffee will still be available.

Week 1 


Beginners- clay preparation and wedging techniques.

Experienced- cylinder practice, height twice the width. Concentrating on getting all the clay up from the bottom.

Week 2 


Beginners- centring the clay and working on opening up.

Experienced- throwing plates, working on edges and rims. Making trays.

Week 3 

Beginners-opening up and drawing up to give an even thickness of wall. Compressing the rim.

Experienced- coning and making larger bottle shapes and vases.

Week 4 


Beginners- cylinders and making even walls that go straight!

Experienced- making a set of lidded jars.

Week 5


Beginners- bowls, the basics of making a bowl shape. Left hand importance and overhang.

Experienced- labels and knobs for lids

Week 6 


Beginners- Mugs and handles. Using cylinders from week 4. Extruding handles.

Experienced- Throwing off the hump. Centring and making multiple small pieces from one piece of clay on the wheel.

Week 7

Beginners- basics of plates. Mainly side plates.

Experienced- Set of 6 mugs.

Week 8

Beginners- Bottles and coning. Making small bottle shapes to fit a cork.

Experienced- starting a cruet set. design and purpose.

Week 9

Beginners- Jugs and spouts. Making basic jug shapes and pulling spouts.

Experienced- finishing cruet set.

Week 10

Beginners- Vase shapes and flowing forms

Experienced- throwing different shaped bowls and aiming to make a set, either nesting or stacking.

Week 11

Beginners- making different sorts of lids.

Experienced- making a teapot, components-lid spout body. 

Week 12

Beginners- free choice of activities, recap anything already covered, review taught skills so far.

Experienced- finishing teapot and joining components.


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