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Wednesday Evening

Time:7-9:30 pm

Length 2.5 hours

Price: Drop in £40

Member £34

Thursday Morning

Time: 9:30 am-12:30 pm

Length:3 hours

Price: Drop in £50

Member £40



7:30 pm-9:30 pm

Length: 2.5 hours

Price: Drop in £40

Member £34


Times: 9:30am-12:00pm



Price per session:

Drop in £40

Member £34

Regular lessons

To book lessons simply use the embedded link below to register, and then use the calendar to book into sessions. Further down are the regular lesson details and an overview of what I am hoping to cover over the next term. Do not be intimidated this is purely to give an idea of what we can do, if you want to. This will probably roll over to the next term, but individual needs and preferences will always be taken into account. I look forward to seeing you soon. Karlx


Beginners- clay preparation and wedging techniques.

Experienced- cylinder practice, height twice the width. Concentrating on getting all the clay up from the bottom.

Week 1 


Beginners- centring the clay and working on opening up.

Experienced- throwing plates, working on edges and rims. Making trays.

Week 2 


Beginners-opening up and drawing up to give an even thickness of wall. Compressing the rim.

Experienced- coning and making larger bottle shapes and vases.

Week 3 

Beginners- cylinders and making even walls that go straight!

Experienced- making a set of lidded jars.

Week 4 


Beginners- bowls, the basics of making a bowl shape. Left hand importance and overhang.

Experienced- labels and knobs for lids

Week 5


Beginners- Mugs and handles. Using cylinders from week 4. Extruding handles.

Experienced- Throwing off the hump. Centring and making multiple small pieces from one piece of clay on the wheel.

Week 6 


Beginners- basics of plates. Mainly side plates.

Experienced- Set of 6 mugs.

Week 7

Beginners- Bottles and coning. Making small bottle shapes to fit a cork.

Experienced- starting a cruet set. design and purpose.

Week 8

Beginners- Jugs and spouts. Making basic jug shapes and pulling spouts.

Experienced- finishing cruet set.

Week 9

Beginners- Vase shapes and flowing forms

Experienced- throwing different shaped bowls and aiming to make a set, either nesting or stacking.

Week 10

Beginners- making different sorts of lids.

Experienced- making a teapot, components-lid spout body. 

Week 11

Beginners- free choice of activities, recap anything already covered, review taught skills so far.

Experienced- finishing teapot and joining components.

Week 12