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DROP IN SESSION PRICE HAS CHANGED, now £65 instead £45, all other prices remain the same.



Lessons are currently on Tuesdays, Thursdays Saturdays and Sundays, They are generally open to all ages and abilities. Click here to go to the teamup website. There are descriptions of lesson, content etc on teamup.

New courses are being added termly. These are for all abilities.


You can buy packs of lessons, pay for a course or just drop in for a one off session. There is also a store on the teamup website where you can buy vouchers towards lessons for other people.

Rent the studio

The studio can be rented out at times it is not being used for lessons. This at a rate of £15/ for 2 hours +materials. If you are interested contact me directly, either using the contact me page on this website or email me 

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