Currently we are in national lockdown and the earliest establishments like me can open will be 19th April, I will update accoringly!

For those who feel confident enough, you can now rent out the studio space by the hour, with me there virtually. I have invested in a little camera that can be moved around so I can observe people working and offer advice and insights into what you are doing. I am also able to direct you to where things are should you need to find them. You can also ask questions of me too.

This option will require some simple rules to be followed regarding cleaning up, washing and wiping down. 

There will be some forms to read through and send back as well as a short video to watch explaining where everything is, and some do's and don'ts. There will be clean down reminders etc in the studio too. 

If you are interested then get in touch via the contact me page on this website.

The studio is now available to rent on a Monday between 9:30-2:30 pm and 7-9:30pm.

Cost: £15 per hour.

Materials: Bag of clay(12.5kg) £7, Ready wedged clay £1.50 per kilo, bisque fired work £2 per kilo, finished glazed work £6 per kilo


I am looking to start offering lessons again only on a Monday. This will be one to one or max of three people in their own 'bubble'. Extra precautions will have to be taken as the space is small. I have done the necessary risk assessments and am able to welcome people back in a limited capacity.

Cost: £40 an hour for one person, £60 an hour for 2 people. Materials will be charged as above.


As a guide for 1 person throwing 12.5kg of clay, making 6 pots ( 1kg each), the total cost (including firing, one session making , one session glazing) £163

For all bookings contact me on 07759951464 or email, or use the contact form on this website. Many thanks and God bless, Karlx 


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