Face to face lessons started again in May 2021. Click the link below to go to the booking website.

Each session is for a maximum of 3 people. If you wish to follow a program there are suggestions at the bottom of the page. Otherwise I am able to offer adhoc lessons for whatever your ability. Whether that be for a specific project or planning for a wider skill set. There are going to be online based lessons for more in depth instruction in glazing and any other pottery based questions people may have. I look forward to seeing people again soon. Further lessons details at the bottom of the page.

This is the link below this text. It appears reduced on a mobile phone, but if you click on it it will take you to the booking website called teamup.







Rent the studio

The studio can be rented out at times it is not being used for lessons. This at a rate of £10/hour +materials. If you are interested contact me directly, either using the contact me page on this website or email me karlydarling@gmail.com.

Further lesson information.

Lessons are aimed at all abilities and ages. There is no specific structure to the content but there can be if that would be helpful to you. I am a qualified primary school teacher, so can produce a progression and a program should you wish to have one. 

The studio is not really set up for wheel chair users, but I have been able to accommodate people in the past. It may need some thinking about on my part so please do get in touch and we will see how I can best meet your needs if possible.

When you register for lessons on teamup all relevant documents and things that you need to be aware of are on there. I can also send things digitally should you need me to and there are hard copies of everything in the studio.

If there is anything else you would like to ask do get in touch. Contact page on this website.