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Pipe dream!

Updated: Jun 30

The other week, while driving to pick up some clay from a fellow potter, I got a call out of the blue from a builder. He had a strange request. He needed some 6 inch pieces of pipe making for a job he had. He had been trying to get the right size piece of ceramic pipe but no where did anything. He had then thought why not get a potter to make them. Basically they are about 3 inches wide and to cover the ends of pipes coming out of a retaining wall. I will attach pictures.

So I was wracking my brain thinking how am I going to be able to roll slab and join a seam on a tube like that. Then the penny dropped. I don't know why my initial thoughts were slab them? I can just throw them, duh! So they are now drying, they are rather chunky, and awaiting firing.

Also this week it appears that I may be getting some regular throwing work from another potter. I'll share more once things are confirmed, but it could mean some regular income for doing what I love. What is there not to enjoy. Drying in the winter I can see being an issue. I really need to sort the plastic facia for shelving in the wet/dry room. No more mould! (Wooden or mdf shelves go mouldy very quickly in the damp/dry room)


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