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And then football!

As if we hadn't done enough already, after the very full week in Paris, we then had a very football full weekend! It kicked off (love a good pun!), with going to see England play at Wembley on the Friday evening. There is something you should know. I'm not really into football. I think they are all over paid (fill in your own derogatory term in this space.....) who at the end of the day just kick a ball about! Why they should be paid eye watering sums for kicking a ball when a nurse or a doctor, who save lives and care for people in the most dire of situations around the world, just beggars belief. We should have a meritocracy system in place when there is such disparity in society. THEY JUST KICK A BALL!! Sorry but the inequality and disparity and what society seems to have given the most value to flies in the face of what we should be valuing. Having said all that it was interesting to go along to our national stadium, for the experience! The football was awful. England lost 0-1 to Iceland. It was the last friendly before the Euros. It was really weird not having a commentator talking over the top of what was going on. We actually spent more time watching people make and throw paper aeroplanes trying to get them on the pitch. We were up in the Gods as you can see from the photo so had a great view. Late return home. 12.45 am and then up to go to a football tournament with the youngest in Trimley for 9am! Nearly 4 hours there. Then onto awards and ceremonies at Stowmarket football club you gests old team, won't bore you with the details. Finally getting home about 6pm. I was all footballed out I can tell you. Sunday really was a day of rest that weekend. We needed it! Karlx

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