kgreene pottery

Studio pottery in Ipswich, Suffolk.

I specialise in pottery lessons (I am a qualified primary school teacher), raku and reduction fired stoneware pottery. There is a small gallery space with some of my work on display, available to buy, and often used as the reference for students glaze selection. Do have a look around the website. Everything is pretty self-explanatory. If you have any questions use the contact form on the last page. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

More things are being added all the time. Do come back and check.

Coming soon:

Lesson in a box

Rent the studio with remote assitance!


I am truly hooked. Karl is such a great teacher, so helpful, patient and encouraging with all my new pottery ideas and projects. It's an evening of busy making and fun conversation. I really look forward to each session.




I am hoping to soon be able to offer a lesson in a box. The kits will include materials, tools (on loan), instructions, a video (on Youtube), and glazing and firing, all for one price. Some ideas at the moment are pinch pot basics, texture tiles, leaf imprint bowls, plaster moulds.

Also I am looking at how to make the studio available for those who are a bit more confident and just need me looking over their shoulder, big brother style!! I will of course be on hand to help should the need arise. 


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