kgreene pottery

Studio pottery in Ipswich, Suffolk.

I specialise in pottery lessons (I am a qualified primary school teacher), raku and reduction fired stoneware pottery. There is a small gallery space with some of my work on display, available to buy, and often used as the reference for students glaze selection. Do have a look around the website. Everything is pretty self-explanatory. If you have any questions use the contact form on the last page. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

I endeavour to work with minimal impact as possible on the environment. To this end my energy is supplied by bulb ( only renewables energy supplier) and I offset the use of the gas kiln with them too. Our house only uses wood in the wood burner (provides all our heating and hot water) that I have gathered locally. I also recycle as much clay and other materials (packaging etc) as I possibly can. I use sawdust form a local sawmill for the raku firing. Even the composting toilet (no solids!, local sawmill sawdust again) gets used on our allotment, where we can measure our food meters, not miles! We eat very well as a result of the allotment. It is also my means of relaxation and escape.

More things are being added all the time. Do come back and check.


I am truly hooked. Karl is such a great teacher, so helpful, patient and encouraging with all my new pottery ideas and projects. It's an evening of busy making and fun conversation. I really look forward to each session.



More information about lessons click here. Booking and lesson times click here.


The studio is going to be available for private bookings on Mondays, starting from 12th October 2020. See the lessons page for more details.