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Suffolk Landscape Mug-Summer

Suffolk Landscape Mug-Summer


These mugs have had a lot of careful consideration and much feedback has been taken to produce something that is both functional and beautiful. A functional piece of art.


Summer- the colours of summer are changing from the fresh greens and yellows of spring into the warmth and promise of a harvest to come. The golden yellows of ripening wheat and barley as well as the softening greens of hay meadows glow under the ever warming and higher rising sun.


These mugs have been hand made by Karl. They are decorated with coloured clay slips, carefully mixed to reflect each season. They are lined with a white durable glaze and have a transparent glaze over most of the rest of the surface. The coloured parts have been deliberately left unglazed to give a contrast in texture as well as to preserve the sharpness of the marks and colours of the slip decoration. This is still a very durable surface. 


They can be used in the dishwasher and microwave.


Height 10.5cm, Width 8.5 cm. Volume 500ml approx

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