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Espresso Cup

Espresso Cup


These delightful double espresso cups are the ideal gift. Any significant date can be added to mark an anniversary or a special day. These could also be used as wedding favours, child birthdate, as a subtle reminder of wedding anniversary date! 
They are priced individually at £15, so that you can order one or two easily. Discounts will apply for orders of 10 or more.
They are made individually to order. Hand thrown and the date hand printed in, it might be a little on the huh. This adds to the charm of something being handmade. There is a 31 day delivery window. Sometimes it may take less time , sometimes it may take more. It all depends on how much I have got on. I can give you a rough estimate of delivery when you order. In a good week (middle of summer and nothing else on!) I could get them out in 10 days! 
Height 10cm width 6cm all approx

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