Consultancy and other services

Consultancy Service

I can help and advise you on setting up your own pottery Studio. Giving guidance and advice on equipment, glazing, materials and giving personal tutorage, as appropriate, on a wide variety of pottery skills and techniques. Having studied ceramics to degree level and working as a teacher/potter for more than 20 years I am able to offer a wealth of experience. Cost £300 a day for 5 hours of one to one contact. This will include any necessary preparation of materials and research on my part, including clay prep, glaze samples etc. Travel of more than 30 miles will incur additional charges.

Bespoke pottery making service

Want something a specific size or dimensions, come and guide and direct me while I make your chosen items, eg set of bowls, plates, mugs, jugs etc. No extra charge on top of what the cost of the item will be. Just the need to organise a mutually convenient day to do the making.

Visits to schools and clubs

I am a qualified primary school teacher and have taken clay, wheels, pit firings and raku into schools. I have demonstrated in front of WI groups as well as my church and other small groups. I am always willing to consider any offers of a chance to share the love of clay and all things creative and fire based!

Bespoke mould making

If you require an open mould for handbuilding, it needs to be a round one only, I can throw any shapes you may desire. They will be made in standard stoneware clay and bisque fired. This makes for a more durable mould than standard plaster without the drawback of contamination. Again you can sit with me while I make it guiding me as to shape and size.

Private and group lessons

See the bookings page of the website for more details on what is available. Any questions do get in touch via the contact page.


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