Wall Hanging Raku Plate(22140)

Wall Hanging Raku Plate(22140)


This plate has been made from hand rolled clay, textured using various texture tools and then raku fried with some damp sawdust giving some very localised reduction and lovely copper flashing against the cobalt blue. 

The plaque has a pre attached hanging. These are easily removed by soaking in water. The glue used is a water based one. I have found these to be very effective hanging devices for ceramics as they don't damage the ceramics. Not like wire plate hangers!


Raku pots are not water proof, or weather proof, as due to the firing process there will be cracks and fisures in the pot itself. They are not safe to drink or eat out of and should only be handwashed. Never put them in the microwave! They may have a slight smell of bonfires, this is again from the firing process which involves putting them in sawdust to create the many colours.

Width 23cm.