Raku Grass Vase with bible verse (22129)

Raku Grass Vase with bible verse (22129)


These grass vases are designed to display grasses and other dried flowers. The idea is that you do not add water but find and pick things to go in it that look beautiful when dried. The bible verse, from 1 Peter 1v 24, reflects our own place in the scheme of things. How everything is transient and our time on earth is short. 

The video shows the sheen and metallic nature of the raku finish a lot better than a photo can. This is a bit of an experiment to see how well it is recieved. Please do let me know if the video was useful via the contact me page.


These raku pots are not water proof, as due to the firing process there will be cracks and fisures in the pot itself. They are not safe to drink or eat out of and should only be handwashed. Never put them in the microwave! They may have a slight smell of bonfires, this is again from the firing process which involves putting them in sawdust to create the many colours.

Height 15cm, Depth 5cm.