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 Forthcoming events

  • Raku Evening 

 Raku evening 7:30pm - 9:30pm. Places limited to six. Cost £15 inc snacks, nibbles and soft drinks. Take home a fired pot or tiles the same evening. Call or text 07759951464 or 01473463467 to book a place. If there is no reply leave a message.


  • Craft fairs

  • Grand Open Day tbc


 Pottery Lessons and other services.

 Pottery Lessons for Adults & Pottery Lessons for Children 

Lessons are able to start again. I will post dates as far ahead as I am able but they may be subject to change due to family commitments.

 Lessons for adults and children will be £15 an hour including materials. Unless you become a prolific thrower when further charges may apply!

For parties and small groups (max six people in the winter, more could possibly be accommodated in the summer) please enquire as to charges as needs of groups will differ.


 Commissions- I take commissions and can make many things to order. Each order can vary greatly in the time and materials needed so prices can be very varied too. There is an example of the type of thing I have done below, also there are more in the gallery section too. This was an order for a local pub, the Snooty fox in Great Bromley, 12 cruet sets (oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and mustard, all on a tray).  All finished in a Tenmoku glaze.


Returns policy and complaints

While every endeavour is made to make sure customers are happy and content with the items they buy or the service they receive, there may be times when a customer is not happy. If this is the case we will strive to come to a compromise that is satisfactory to both parties based on the criteria below.

In the case of delayed production of or dispatching of items, with a waiting time of more than month longer than first stated, the postage of the item or delivery of such will be waived. As I work part time as a primary school teacher my teaching job can make heavy demands on my time and as a result mean that I am not able to get things finished on time or according to plan. I ask for your patience in these situations and will try to do all I can to make it up to you.

In the case of breakages in the post, photographic evidence or the returned items will be required. Any costs in returning damaged or defective goods will be reimbursed. Any items broken in transit and proven through photographic evidence or returned broken items will be replaced free of charge.

In the case that an item is not the right colour or size, return postage of items will be reimbursed and a replacement offered, or if the customer is not happy with a replacement, the original cost of the item and original postage reimbursed. There are often colour variations in the finished ware I produce as pots can react differently in different parts of the kiln. Whilst slight this colour variation may be enough to cause some people to want to return items and I fully understand this. Customers also need to understand that sometimes colour and pattern variations from the pictures shown on the website will occur, this is part of hand making and firing pots in the way I do and I believe adds to the charm and appeal of the wares I produce. Many thanks for taking time to read this. Karl Greene

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