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 Forthcoming events

  • Craft fairs - Thursday 27th November @ Ufford Park Hotel. Ticket entry, £5 in advance, 1/2 of entry fee being donated to Marie Currie. See for full details
  • Ufford Park hotel again, craft fair outside weather permitting 2-9pm on Sunday 21st December 2014


 Pottery Lessons and other services.

 Pottery Lessons for Adults & Pottery Lessons for Children 

Lessons are able to start again. I will post dates as far ahead as I am able but they may be subject to change due to family commitments.

 Lessons for adults and children will be £15 an hour including materials. Unless you become a prolific thrower when further charges may apply! I am able to offer the chance to try anything out from beginners to more advanced techniques and throwing skills. Things I can do that you can google to find out more are, raku firing, transfers and printing techniques, sculpture, pit firing, mould making, lustre, handbuilding... I could go on. Basically if there are things you wnat to try I have either had a go already or am willing to let you try, and learn along with you! I am also able to offer my kilns and studio for hire if you would rather just do your own thing. If there is anything you would like to know more about use the contact page on the site, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

For parties and small groups (max six people in the winter, more could possibly be accommodated in the summer) please enquire as to charges as needs of groups will differ.

Dates for lessons.

Wednesday 5th November2014, 2-4pm (2 already booked in) and 8-9:30pm

Saturday 8th November 2014, 10-12pm

Wednesday 19th  November 2014, 2-4pm and 8-9:30pm

Saturday 22nd November 2014, 10-12pm

Wednesday 3rd December 2014, 2-4pm and 8-9:30pm

 Saturday 6th December 2014, time to be confirmed but probably afternoon.

Wednesday 10th December 2014, 2-4pm and 8-9:30pm (last one before christmas)

Will list new year dates before the end of December. 




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